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Contemplating a complete home renovation or refresh, in search advice to generate more revenue through your Venue and/or Catering  program, searching for idea creation for corporate events, outings, and celebrations or desperately in need of home or office organization, I am here to assist.

Vivian Avenue is your destination to living life beautifully​



Ingrained with a deep understanding of aethestics and flow, reimagining a space to be functional as well as gorgeous is a passion. We take a unique approach of assessing the homeowner's personality and style to create an environment which reflects your inner beauty - enabling you and your home to shine.

Venues & Catering

Experience selling, planning, and executing events in various types Venues for an extremely diverse clientele has curated a unique perspective on developing a sales and marketing plan for your Venue and/or Catering Program. Our targeted platform enables new or seasoned businesses  to garner potential Clients based upon trends and creative use of assets.


Special occassions, Corporate Outings, and Galas are prime opportunities to cultivate joy in our endeavors. Our zest for creative experiences and arsenal of top event professionals are your secret weapon to hosting a one of a kind affair which will leave lasting memories and chatter for years to come.