Life has brought me the most amazing experiences: family, friends, homes, career.  

Vivian Avenue was built from moments. The moments I trust my natural instincts and gifts to see potential. Cherished moments with friends as they consult with me about various issues from family to fashion to interior fads. Work gifts me with precious moments as I extend myself to design, catering, and event needs - consulting with Clients to plan a unique event or strategize on their next steps. Moments have taught me I'll never stop learning nor striving to leave this world better than I found it. The the foundation of Vivian Avenue was built with faith, the walls raised with passion for restoration and good design, the inner workings carefully constructed with order and purpose, and the design which is attributed to moments of deep despair as well as overwhelming joy.

So many moments constructed a destination of love, acceptance, valuable resources, and great advice: 

Vivian Avenue